Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Is For Absent By Chris Piper - 880 Words

In â€Å"’A’ Is For Absent,† Chris Piper argues that students’ absences should not be reflected in their final grades. Piper writes about his experience with what he considers an unfair attendance policy. He did well on tests and projects, however, due to his numerous absences he received a low final grade. He writes that unlike in a job, where attendance is mandatory, in college it’s a choice of a paying student. Piper also writes that when standardized test scores are evaluated, attendance of preparatory courses is not considered towards those scores. He urges instructors to put aside the reasons they have for implementing attendance policies and grade students solely on performance. Although Piper presents a good written argument, I believe that his reasons are not valid. Students who do not consistently attend classes should not be graded in the same way as those who do because it creates a fair environment, it increases learning, and most impor tantly, it builds discipline. Firstly, when students who do not consistently attend classes are not graded in the same way as those who do it creates a fair environment because attendance consists of time, effort, and participation. For example, one students always attends classes, does well on assignments, and receives a wells deserved grade. However, another student is not consistent in attending classes, does well on assignments, and receives a similar grade. Is it fair to the first student? I believe that such grading systemShow MoreRelatedMonsanto: Better Living Through Genetic Engineering96204 Words   |  385 Pagescases they take advantage of competencies within the company and opportunities in the external environment. the strategy to be less favourable than you originally thought. (You may ï ¬ nd that the capabilities required to implement the strategy are absent and unobtainable.) A strategy is only as good as the ï ¬ rm’s ability to implement it effectively. Therefore, expending the effort to determine effective implementation is important. PROCESS ISSUES You should ensure that your presentation (either

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